Birdsong Studio
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Not long after we moved into our home here in Tennessee, our friend Mike asked "if we'd given this place a name?". That question started me thinking, and one day while sitting on the back deck watching the bird feeders, the name "Birdsong" came to me. And so, the studio is very appropriately named "Birdsong". We have many species that frequent our environment in all seasons - cardinals, blue jays, woodpeckers, robins and more.

There are many beautiful outdoor settings in which to make photographs, and each season bring additions to the outdoor sets. There is also a indoor space that specifically serves as an studio room. The remainder of the house can also be used when situations demand.
A View from the front lawnA view toward the forestThe swing and trellisA view toward the roadThe porch and furnitureFlowers at the trellisThe sunroom in winterThe deck railingThe Studio entranceA view from the drive
A view from the front lawn
A view toward the back forest
The swing and trellis
A view toward the road
The front porch and furniture
Flowers at the trellis
The sunroom in winter
The deck railing
The Studio entrance
A view from drive